In search of peace !

PoemsI painted it yellow blue and green Called it Earth , a home for living . 

Now you splash red all over , 

And call it ‘the current flavour’.

Lush green grass , butterflies and flowers, 

We made for you to laugh,play and savour

Bombs explode setting it on fire .

Turning them into ash and pyre .

Golden sands and deep blue sea 

Fishes and whales that swim in glee

Chemicals and waste you pumped into sea

Water turned into a grave , forcing them to flee .

I gave you children to love and cherish 

You turned into weapons that kill and perish 

Patience ,peace and prosperity I gave you for substance.

You are bent upon destroying its very existence.

Brotherhood ,love ,compassion I preached .

Inventions, with the soul intention of destruction ,

The virtues you breached 

Dreams, aspirations, desires and hopes 

I bestowed positive feelings 

Anger, fear , jealousy and gloom 

You harbour negative feelings

Terror as your dominant aspiration

Religion as your greatest motivation,

Hatred as your deepest obsession, 

Death appears to be your only salvation. 

I gave you paradise, to dwell 

With bloodshed, you turned it into hell .

For once, eschew the path of violence, 

Let there be peace , let there be benevolence, 

And happiness in abundance.    


River of life !

Swirling and gurgling noisily she flows,With gay abandon , She froths and twirls 

Sometimes green, sometimes blue, the shades she drapes, have all hues . 

Her depths deceptive and path unknown, she flows like a mystery untold.

Unstoppable in her mission, she is set to claim, a queen who conquers all in her way. Laughing, yet a ruthless formidable foe, she makes.

Her rhythmic roar resonates, long after I have left,

 calling out to me -come and rest. 

Her bosom deep, her embrace warm 

She promises eternal peace & sleep.