My teenager and my sermons ! 

Oh my god ! Cut your hair . You look like a hippie 🙄. STOP texting while I’m talking to you. Who is that girl and why  is she calling you so late 😱. LET ME NOT CATCH YOU SMOKING !😡When I was your age , I aced my subjects 😎. Why did you switch the screen ?Are u watching porn 😱

When I was your age ….. Blah blah 

On and on it goes , while your teen with his ear phones ON , has already walked out !
The minute we become mothers ,we presume to have become the epitome of a perfect parent!

We were angels as kids , Holier than thou in our teens and perfect responsible adults later . 

Really? As the adage goes —

” kids don’t do as you say but do as you do”
So true!

If your words don’t match up your actions , kids will see through you seen enough and all your advices fall on deaf ears leaving u frustrated. 

And your kid learns to develop dual personality .They wil hide , lie , keep secrets and you will live in an illusion not realising your apple of the eye is becoming a stranger to you .

I tried the ” I – will – show -mine- you – show – yours ” method 😜

I shared with my son all my stupidity, my silly moves , my experiences in school and college .

Some cool stuff ,some downright stupidity . some grave mistakes that had compelling consequences. 

Like how I failed my English test with 3/25 . 

How I flouted rules , got caught and faced the principal more often than not .

My awkwardness , my hatred for social studies , my animosity towards a certain teacher , my passions  my failures , 

My friendships , my relationships with my parents , my choices . 
I laid it all out as honestly as I could telling him he can learn from my experiences and from my mistakes . 

Of course he is welcome to make his own mistakes and grow .

I noticed we got closer as he grew , he was more open to sharing and I learnt from him . 

When I’m not perfect why on earth would I want him to be ?

I’m fondly calling all the so called flaws I or anyone else noticed in him as ” manufacturing defects” . 
I am learning to give him space , right to make his own choices and face the consequences . It’s ok . Really. 

I’m there if and when he falls . I’ll pick him up and we will move on . 

Every day I discover new things about him . Delightful !

Some I love , some are funny , some quirky and some I’ll learn to live with (easier said then done) . Fewer the better though .

I’ll be his strength and he is mine .

We will learn grow and live life on our own terms and not on ” how it’s meant to be ” . 

Thank you for being here, with me . 

Your opinions are warmly solicited.   


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